Form of FCC certification:

north-america-fcc.jpgThe federal communications commission (FCC) used different Certification methods for electronic products according to the product type. There are three Certification methods: VoC (Verification), DoC (Declaration of Conformity) and ID (Certification).However, starting from November 2, 2017, the FCC merged DoC and VoC into SDoC (Supplier's Declaration of Conformity) and modified relevant FCC provisions, with a one-year transition period.

SDoC(Supplier's Declaration of Conformity)procedure is: the certify product Supplier (note: the Supplier must be a local company in the United States) will test the equipment that meets the specified standards or requirements. In other words, only American companies can issue the SDoC declaration letter, and non-american companies (including laboratories, manufacturers, etc.) cannot issue the SDoC declaration letter.
SDoC certification procedures require a test report. It is not required to be tested in an accredited laboratory accredited by the FCC Recognized Accredited .The previous testing standards are still used.

Applications for FCC questions:
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1 Does FCC SDoC have new LOGO requirements? In the new FCC SDoC regulations, the customer shall decide whether to use the FCC LOGO by themselves, without any mandatory requirements. It actually greatly flexible the requirements for the laboratory.
2 What about the responsible company in the FCC SDoC regulations? The new FCC certification updates the responsible company rules,In order to ship the goods, the responsible company needs to provide the declaration documents. The purpose is to find the responsible person in the first time if there is a spot check on the market.The responsible company shall meet the following requirements:
1. The responsible company must be a local company in the United States;
2. The responsible company may be the manufacturer, assembler or importer;
3. The responsible company must be able to provide products, test reports and relevant records during the FCC market sampling inspection to ensure that the products comply with the FCC SDoC procedures;
4. The responsible company shall add the compliance declaration document to the attached document of the product. It is suggested that the customer directly choose the first importer or some local agent companies in the United States as the responsible party.
3 Can electronic labels be used for products in FCC SDoC certification? According to KDB Publication 784748,E-label is allowed for products with a built-in (and non-removable) display screen.
4 What are the requirements of FCC SDoC's statement documents? 1. Product information: such as product name, model, etc.
2. FCC compliance warnings: due to the differences of various products, warnings are also different. For details, please consult the relevant personnel of decai testing;
3.Information of American responsible party: company name, address, contact number or Internet contact information;
4.The declaration document requires the goods to be shipped and sold together with the products.
5 How does FCC SDoC statement document reflect? 1.Separate pages, together with the instruction manual, with the attached products for shipment.(note: each product is required, not issued according to the shipment batch)
2.Directly put the information that should be included in the declaration document into the instruction manual for shipment