Application procedure

STEP 1 Consulting, Quotation quote according to the information (time, cost, delivery requirement, list of required information, etc.). Provide relevant product information (company information, product picture or structure diagram, specification, electrical performance parameters, parts list, etc.)
STEP 2 Signing of the Power Of Attorney and Service Agreement  
Sign the power of attorney, the service agreement and determine the project leader.
ign the power of attorney, the service agreement and pay,  if satisfied with the quotation
STEP 3 Technical Guidance and Sample Preparation Explain the product-related standards and safety technical requirements, train the factory's relevant quality management personnel, assist in preparing samples and conduct preliminary results review of the samples and guide the configuration of testing equipment.  
Provide samples and improve data
STEP 4 Pre-test (if necessary) To reduce the chance and cost of repeated testing. UTEST engineers pre-test the samples according to the standard requirements, analyze the pre-test results, and assist in rectification (if necessary). Cooperate with the laboratory to provide all kinds of related documents, and rectify the products in time.(if necessary).
STEP 5 Under Test During the formal test in the UTEST laboratory, or the delivery of certification body laboratory tests,  the certification body's engineers may raise some technical problems. UTEST will assist the company in analyzing the problem and solving it.  
Provide test samples after rectification in time (if necessary).
STEP 6 Engineering Review  
Assist the applicant in preparation and guide the preparation of relevant documents.
Debug and prepare the production site and all kinds of test instruments, and prepare relevant quality documents for inspection.
STEP 7 Certificate Issuance Follow up the information report,  and obtain the certification certificate. After the sample passes the test and passes the first factory inspection, obtains the certification certificate
STEP 8 Follow-up Service Maintenance of files (including liaising with certification bodies on behalf of customers, assisting in solving issues related to certification on a daily basis, purchasing labels, paying fees, applying for changes, providing the latest certification information, etc.)  
Maintain the continuous compliance of certified products.