Industry Canada

IC is the abbreviation of Industry Department Industry Canada of Canada, as a government agency, responsible for the certification of electronic and electrical products into the Canadian market. Its responsible products are roughly divided into: radio and television equipment, information technology equipment, radio equipment, telecommunications equipment, engineering medical equipment and so on.

Similar to the FCC in the United States, IC are currently limiting electromagnetic interference only.

       ▶Authentication method north-america-ic.jpg
 Can use self-verification, Certification authentication two ways.
            ❷ IC ID:CN (Company Number, up to 6 bits) UPN (Unit Product Number, up to 8 bits).

       ID Application Instructions:
          ❶ must have Canadian representative address information.
            ❷ label should contain the following information (manufacturer name or trademark, model name, IC ID number).

◆Criteria for IC accreditation:
The standard of IC certification is basically consistent with the FCC, IC at present only limits on electromagnetic interference.
ICES-001 a nalog equipment: Industrial,Scientific and Medical Radio Frequency Generators.
ICES-003 digital terminal equipment: Interference-Causing Equipment Standards-Digital Apparatus, such as ICES003:ITE: products and computer peripheral office equipment.
IC RSS Series transmitting and receiving equipment low power radio frequency products. Such as: RSS 210, applicable products: wireless mouse and keyboard, wireless remote control toys and a variety of low-power radio frequency products, CS03(telecommunications terminal products PSTN).