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U-test shares and grows with you

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Update time : 2020-03-24 18:01:30

Guangzhou Utest Standard Technical Service Co., Ltd. (UTEST) is a third-party laboratory for the UL, DLC, Energy Star, accredited by A2LA of the United States. The company is located in Zengcheng District, Guangzhou, with international leading safety laboratories, energy efficiency testing laboratories and service centers. It has successfully helped the local and foreign customers get product certificates of global markets.
 Guangzhou UTEST Standard Technical Service Co., Ltd. (UTEST) covers a wide range of services, including US Safety Regulation and Energy Efficiency Testing UL, FCC, CEC, Energy Star, DLC; China CQC, CCC; EU CE, GS, R & TTE, E-mark , e-mark, ERP; Canada ICES, CSA; Australia C-tick, A-tick, SAA, MEPS; Japan VCCI, PSE, S-mark, MIC; CQC; other CB, GOST, NTRA, ROHS, REACH, PAHs , EN71 and other tests and certifications.
At the same time, UTEST has professional and powerful technical experts. Our team of engineers had professional certification and projects experience. With their years of professional knowledge and rich experience, we provide customers with certification applications, standard consulting, professional testing, technical support and Excellent rectification plan, to be efficient, authoritative, fair and fast! We are not only focused but also professional! Service has a begging, satisfaction has no end.

 In order to thank guangfa customers for their long - term support, the first launch Thanksgiving concessions to send activities  

No matter new old customer, as long as you come to consult, we are free to send!

Free 2 LM79 (if you need DLC, you can make up the difference).

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                                                                                         ------The final explanation right of this activity owned by guangzhou optimal measurement.
The certificate is introduced                                                                                                                                                                           

1) UL lamp approved cap-ea laboratory (no eyewitness testing) ---------------------------DA File: AG538

2) the United States UL approval certificate of the third party test data -------------------DA File: DA2966

3) the A2LA approved laboratory--------------------------------------------------------------------Certificate NO. : 4810.01

4) the energy star EPA approved laboratory------------------------------------------------------Org. ID: 1141964