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DLC V5.0+V5.1 official release

Views : 2021
Update time : 2020-03-24 11:11:19
DLC V5.0+V5.1 official version
1)Effective date and DLC concerns
On February 14, 2020, the new 5.0 and 5.1 official versions of DLC were released.

3)Application Fee changes Starting from 2020-7-1

4)Application Timeframes changesStarting from 2020-7-1

5)LM-80 and TM-21-11 requirement 
       Using LM-80 data to calculate 50,000 hours of life by TM-21 extrapolation, the 6 times method mentioned in TM-21 standard (above 20 for each group of temperature samples) or 5.5 times method (10 to 19 for each group of concentration samples) should also be introduced.This means that the LM-80 reports require at least 8333.3 hours (usually from 9000 hours).

DLC V5.0 official version

1、Efficacy -It is better than V4.4


2) Dimming and Controls 

DLC V5.1 official version

1、Efficacy  Finished products and replacements are in line with V5.0!

1)Efficacy V5.1 cancel the light efficiency requirement of the lamp tube inside the lamp

2、Color Quality  


4、Dimming and Controls 

DLC V5.0+V5.1 official version
Impact to current products

1. Light efficiency -- some samples may need to be retested and resubmitted due to light efficiency;

2.Chromaticity data -- spectral data pictures and forms, to be provided;

3、LM-80 - may require updating based on tm-21 requirements and color attenuation value requirements;

4. Color test data -- tm-30 and SPDX files need to be supplemented;

5. Optical distribution -- add extra data such as UGR and BUG;

6. When applying for advanced version of indoor products, the glare may not meet the requirements of the new V5.1;

7. Dimming function -- supplementary information is enough;

8.PF and THD requirements remain unchanged!


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